Adam Moore

Managing Director

EXPOTranslate is a service brought to you by Event Partners, a UK exhibition and conference organiser. EP also work with companies and associations with event delivery, booth design, marketing and translation. Adam has led the launch of many world leading exhibitions and conferences for their respective industries.

One of the key aims of Event Partners is to help facilitate international business by improving the exhibitor experience of Chinese companies exhibiting in the west and western companies exhibiting in China. Event Partners work with some of the leading show organisers in China as their international agent also.


Ben Moore

Academic Language Expert

EXPOTranslate is brought to you by brothers Adam and Ben Moore. Benjamin Moore is the Academic Expert at the Language and Business Schools of Thammasat University, Bangkok.

An expert in teaching English to speakers of other languages, Ben understands why so many marketing and business messages get ‘lost in translation’ and has designed the two stage translation process which ensures the accuracy of your business message.

With Adam’s networks of event partners, printers and designers and Ben’s language skills and translation network provide you with a one-stop shop for all your translation and event/marketing materials!

Jing Liu

General Manager, China

Jing Liu is experienced in organising world leading exhibitions in China and Asia. A fluent English speaker she has also spent many years bringing Chinese exhibitors and delegations to overseas trade shows. She understands the cultural differences of exhibiting in different locations, and is an expert in working with companies and show organisers to offer the best possible experience for international exhibitors.

EXPOTranslate Translation Team

At EXPOTranslate we are lucky to work with a dedicated team of translators based all over the world. As a result of our long standing relationship with our committed team of world-wide based translators, we continue to receive positive feedback and referrals, for translation accuracy and turn around times.

We focus on managing expectations and delivery date and review times are an important part of our bespoke proposals.


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